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Frequently Asked Questions

How does PCP Effect Your Body?

The effects of PCP are unpredictable and can vary widely from user to user. In some users, it can cause muscle contractions that can produce uncoordinated movements and bizarre postures. These contractions can become so extreme they can result in muscle breakdown leading to kidney damage.

Can your PCP prescribe antidepressants?

Although it would be ideal for many people if their PCP could prescribe antidepressants for them, it’s not as feasible as it sounds. Primarycare doctors are not trained in psychology. Thus, they do not have the education required to know when antidepressants are even an appropriate method of treatment.

What does PCP stand for medical?

PCP stands for Primary Care Physician. The PCP is like the old fashioned family doctor. A number of health insurance plans require you to visit your PCP first for everything before you see a specialist. Doctors today are categorized as PCPs or Specialists.

What does PCP mean in medical terms?

PCP stands for phencyclidine, which was a drug developed by scientists in the 1950s for its anesthetic properties to help patients. However, the drug was discontinued because patients became violent and began having hallucinations while on the drug.

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