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Frequently Asked Questions

Why become a PCCA member?

For patients, compounding can be life-changing, even lifesaving. And, it’s highly rewarding for compounding pharmacists and practitioners, helping them solve some of health care’s toughest challenges through personalized medicine. Click here to view Learn More About PCCA Membership form.

Why choose PCCA for your compounding training?

Aside from being the leading provider of the best chemicals and compounding devices on the market, PCCA is at the forefront of accredited training and continuing education for pharmacists and technicians. Build the foundation of your compounding education with our CORE Pharmacy Compounding Training course.

What is at the heart of PCCA?

Astonishing our customers with a level of service and support that raises their game and helps them make a real difference in patients’ lives — this is at the heart of PCCA. And it all starts with our people.

How can I read the PCCA journal?

The PCCA Journal is portable and optimized for reading on your phone or tablet. The 2021 PCCA Mid-Year Meeting is sold out. We have the largest attendance for a PCCA Mid-Year Meeting in the history of the association.

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