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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up Microsoft Edge?

Open Microsoft Edge browser. In "More actions" menu, Click on "Settings" to open Settings screen. In "Settings" screen, select "A specific page or pages" option under "Open with". Once you select "A specific page or pages" option, a drop-down box will appear where you can select MSN or bing as your home page.

How do I install Microsoft Edge?

When you get to the Play Store, enter Microsoft Edge in the search bar. Tap Microsoft Edge, then Install. Edge will download and install in a minute or two. Tap Open to launch the Edge browser. You can then sign in with a Microsoft account, a work account, or a school account.

Is there something wrong with Microsoft Edge?

Nothing wrong with Edge Browser been using it since day one, it is 99% better than IE as since installed have had no freezes etc That's only your experience and obviously doesn't mirror everyone's. In my experience, Edge is junk with constant freezes and crashes.

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