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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the toolbar keep disappearing?

There are a few reasons why the taskbar or toolbar in a Windows computer can disappear. The most common reasons are that the taskbar was moved or minimized or that the explorer.exe program stopped running. The latter problem is something fairly common that occurs in older operating systems and might be only fully solved by a fresh install.

Why is my taskbar not showing?

[Solution] Taskbar not Displaying Windows 10 Restart Windows ExplorerA quick first step when you have any Taskbar issue is to restart the explorer.exe process. Windows 10 Taskbar Not HidingWhen you've enabled the auto-hide functionality of the Taskbar, it's annoying if it... Windows 10 Taskbar Icons MissingIf your Taskbar is missing its icons and the System Tray... See More....

Can't Download network issue Edge?

Well, this issue often occurs due to your Internet options settings located in your Control panel. The issue has been known to occur with all the browsers and not only Microsoft Edge. Due to this factor, the problem becomes critical as not being able to download something that you really need off the internet can be really frustrating.

Why does my task bar keep disappearing?

Explorer.exe Glitch. The "explorer.exe" program is responsible for displaying your taskbar. If it freezes or stops running, your taskbar will disappear. The "explorer.exe" can be restarted from Windows Task Manager.

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