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Frequently Asked Questions

Who wrote the music for faceface/off?

FACE/OFF, the high-octane action movie by acclaimed director John Woo was fortunate enough to have John Powell write the score. The score fits well into the film, and therefore is a worthy addition to the "Percussionistic Action Music" category of your soundtrack collection.

Who are the actors in the movie about face?

About Face (1952 film) Jump to navigation Jump to search. About Face is a 1952 musical film directed by Roy Del Ruth and starring Gordon MacRae and Eddie Bracken.

Should the movie about face have been better?

With such an assembly of talent this film should have been far better than it was. I believe the main problem with About Face is the musical score. Absolutely nothing memorable comes from the songs written by Peter DeRose and Charles Tobias. Maybe with a better score the film might have been better.

What is 'about face' about?

'About Face' explores beauty and aging through the stories of the original supermodels: women, now between fifty and eighty years old, whose images defined our sense of beauty over the last ... Read all

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