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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of abduction?

Abduction refers to the act of restraining, or carrying or leading someone away, especially if the purpose is to disrupt a relationship. Examples of abduction include those related to child custody disputes, in which a parent may abduct a child in order to keep the child away from the other parent.

What muscles are used in abduction?

Many muscles and bony structures work together to produce movement of the arm from the shoulder joint. During abduction, movement is initially generated by the rotator cuff, then carried out by the deltoid muscle.

What is the meaning of abduction?

Legal Definition of abduction. 1a : the action of abducting abduction of a robbery victim. b : the tort or felony of abducting a person. 2 : the unlawful carrying away of a wife or female child or ward for the purpose of marriage or sexual intercourse. Note: Sense 2 has its roots in common law.

What is the legal definition of abduction?

Abduction Law and Legal Definition. Abduction means the crime of taking away of a person by persuasion, by fraud, or by open force or violence. Originally abduction applied only to such taking away of women and children, but now in most states also apply it to an adult male.

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