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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ABC for exams?

Exam Development Options - ABC testing clients have access to our nationally validated standardized exams. ABC also maintains robust item banks of exam questions and may be able to provide resources for your program’s customized exam development needs.

Where can I take an Ohio EPA operator certification exam?

As an approved exam provider, ABC offers computerized operator certification exams five-six days per a week at approximately 200 assessment center locations across the United States. Ohio EPA operator certification exams available through this program include:

What is ABC certification and who needs it?

ABC offers certification to operators in water treatment, distribution, very small water systems, wastewater treatment, collection, and industrial waste. Along with examination requirements, the following education and experience requirements must be met for ABC certification:

What are the requirements to become an ABC certified operator?

Along with meeting the education and experience requirements, the operator must pass the ABC Certification Exam or an equivalent exam with a score of 70% or higher.

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