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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ABCABC trade test center?

ABC TRADE TEST CENTER is a proficient part of HR group of companies. It is a well established organization where training skills are being imparted to the professionals, skilled and semi skilled candidates in such coordinal environment so, that they can grasp maximum from the training and testing.

Why choose ABC for certification testing?

Through our extensive technical network and professional staff, we meet our clientele’s needs around the globe. ABC is committed to providing quality testing services that strengthen the certification programs of our members.

Why choose ABCABC for your exams?

ABC also maintains robust item banks of exam questions and may be able to provide resources for your program’s customized exam development needs. Exam Delivery & Reporting - As a client, you can conveniently test examinees and access results through ABC computer-based, web-based, or paper-based testing.

How many people take the ABC exam each year?

More than 70 certification programs currently utilize ABC examinations to test more than 30,000 candidates annually.

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