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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the infusion center do?

We are dedicated to addressing and overcoming challenges and threats to the sustainability of the most affordable care setting for provider-administered medications and work to ensure that the community-based Infusion Center remains a safe, more efficient, and more cost-effective alternative to hospital care settings. WHAT IS AN INFUSION CENTER?

Why choose an office-based Infusion Center?

We’re so glad you asked! Infusion Centers have changed millions of lives. The NICA Patient Perspectives video shares the disease journeys of several infusion patients and dives deeper into why office-based infusion centers are more affordable, viable options for patients to receive and continue treatments.

Where can patients and families visit the Barshinger Cancer Institute?

Patients and families needing a quiet moment can visit our tranquil healing garden or the peaceful meditation pavilion. The Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute is built on a National Cancer Institute model for a community cancer center, which recognizes that most cancer treatment will remain local.

Why choose Bowyer oncology center?

Welcome to Bowyer Oncology Center in Westwood. We offer world-class care to our patients, as well as support for their loved ones, powered by ongoing research and the latest technology. Book an appointment today, and see for yourself what makes UCLA Health the most dependable name in health care -- #1 in California, #1 for you and your family.

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