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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Wong in the comics?

In the comics, Wong is the son of Hamir and the descendant of an ancient order of Chinese monks that, for ten generations, have served the Ancient One, the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. He served as Stephen Strange 's valet and friend.

Who is Doctor Wong in Doctor Strange?

Benedict Wong as Wong in the 2016 film Doctor Strange. Benedict Wong portrays Wong in media set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This version is one of Stephen Strange 's teachers rather than a servant as well as the librarian of Kamar-Taj.

What is Wong's attachment to the material?

"Attachment to the material is detachment from the spiritual." Wong (Chinese: 王) is a Master of the Mystic Arts within Kamar-Taj. When their former librarian was murdered by Kaecilius and the Zealots, Wong then became the highly protective keeper of all the ancient books when he met Stephen Strange, and assisted him in his studies.

How old is Benedict Wong?

Benedict Wong was born in 1970 in Manchester, England. He is an actor and writer, known for Doctor Strange (2016), Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and The Martian (2015). Born:

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