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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of obscure?

Obscure is defined as to make confusing or hard to see. An example of obscure is for a student to use important-sounding words in his science paper to hide the fact that he didn't understand the subject matter.

What is a synonym for obscure?

Synonyms for Obscured: adj. •concealed (adjective) camouflaged, stealthy, blind, concealed, cloaked, enshrouded, Secreted, secret, covered up, hidden, disguised, masked, under wraps, hush-hush, Perdu, anonymous, covert, Screened, buried, Shrouded, censored.

What is a sentence for obscure?

Use Obscure in a sentence. Obscure; Meaning: [adjective, verb] difficult to understand; not well-known; to make difficult to understand. The details behind the event are obscure. The letter is obscure and was soon forgotten.

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