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Frequently Asked Questions

What does batik stand for?

Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Batik. Batik is a cloth that is traditionally made using a manual wax-resist dyeing technique. Javanese traditional batik, especially from Yogyakarta and Surakarta, has notable meanings rooted to the Javanese conceptualization of the universe.

What is a Batik used for?

Traditionally, batik was sold in 2 1/4 meter lengths used for kain panjang or sarong in traditional dress. Now, not only is batik used as a material to clothe the human body, its uses also include furnishing fabrics, heavy canvas wall hangings, tablecloths and household accessories.

How do they make batik?

Making process Batik making process Initial pattern drawn with a pencil. Processing "nembok", traditional way to make batik tulis (handmade batik). Batik craftswomen in Java handmarking resist on batik tulis cloth with canting . Selection of cap copper printing blocks with traditional batik patterns. Applying waxes using cap (copper plate stamps). More items...

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