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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes arthrosis and what are the symptoms?

This is a fairly common cause and symptom of arthrosis. The most common cause of arthrosis is the normal wear and tear on your joints that occurs with aging. Everyday, you are putting pressure and stress on your joints. The cartilage in your joints is there to help cushion the impact and protect the bones from one another.

Is arthrosis pain worse during the day?

Unlike other types of arthritis where pain is often experienced at night or at rest, pain in arthrosis is often experienced during the day. Touching the skin above the painful joint will cause for pain as well.

What is AC joint arthrosis and how does it affect you?

In addition to the loss of cartilage, AC joint arthrosis tends to develop bone spurs which can wear on the cartilage and put pressure on soft tissue and nerves in the area. These spurs can also limit mobility and make even raising your arms above your head difficult.

What are the treatment options for arthrosis?

Treatment for arthrosis. The treatment for arthrosis is all about pain relief, enabling the patient to lead a more comfortable and mobile life. Treatment options include some of the following: Medications– prescription and over-the-counter.

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