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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 8K the future of TV technology?

The future of TV relies on the success of 8K, and we're about to have it this year in 2019. Consumers who buy an 8K TV, however, won't have content that can make the best out of the technology. If you're unwilling to wait for content to catch up, your next choice is the Roll Up Screen TV. Roll up screens are 4K, which means there is content for it.

Is 8K TV worth buying?

As of early 2020, buying an 8K TV is a bad idea. The content isn't there, it's very expensive, and panel technology is evolving rapidly. By the time 8K is ready for prime time, the cost of manufacturing micro-LED displays will have fallen dramatically.

How different is 8k from 4K?

The difference is really in image quality ... Otherwise, they the same in all the really key ways - including the most important one for 8K TVs, which is the upscaling from 4K to take advantage of all those extra pixels that an 8K set has.

Is 8K worth it?

Ultimately, the answer is no, 8K TVs are not worth it. 8K TVs sound impressive, but there’s no practical reason to get them, except for the fact that they’re new and exciting. In the end, they’re a piece of equipment no one really needs right now.

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