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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some 70s plus size costumes?

70s plus size costumes, from the early 70s hippie outfits to the dazzling disco era, can all be found online. 70s plus size costumes include bell-bottom jeans, tie-dye shirts, jumpsuits and hippie dresses. You may prefer to mix and match your own 70s costumes from trendy new 70s clothing in the boho hippie style or disco theme.

What are the 60s and 70s plus size retro clothes?

All of these 60s and 70s plus size retro clothes are new with a vintage-inspired design. Some cheap plus size 60s and 70s costumes are included too (disco anyone?). These daywear, eveningwear, cocktail dresses, wedding guest dresses, jumpsuits, and casual clothes options are created to fit curvy girls of all plus sizes.

Are ‘70s dresses still in style?

Turn heads wherever you go in the attention-grabbing prints of these dresses from the ‘70s, ‘70s pants and more. Many of these styles are still relevant and are still go-to trends today.

What to wear in the 70s?

From marble prints to high waistlines, we've got all the '70s outfits you need to add some hippie vibes to your new season wardrobe. Step out in retro print bell bottoms or halter neck flare jumpsuits for a night out with the girls.

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