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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Georgia holding a double runoff for its Senate races?

The answer now hinges on Georgia and its two Senate races. That’s right, Georgia is holding an unprecedented double runoff for both its Senate seats on Jan. 5, and in a Hollywood-style flourish, these two races will decide which party controls the chamber in the next Congress.

Who is running in Georgia's Senate race?

In the regularly scheduled Senate race, Republican Sen. David Perdue is roughly tied with Democrat Jon Ossoff, while in the special election, Democrat Raphael Warnock holds a narrow lead over Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler (who was appointed in January 2020 to fill a vacancy, which is why she’s up for election).

How many likely voters are there in Georgia?

Random interviews of Georgia adults were conducted online between January 2 and January 4 2021. The sample was post-stratified with propensity scores to match the profile of registered voters on the following variables: gender, region, age group, education, family income, and race. Results are reported for 857 likely voters.

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