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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get FDA 510 (k) clearance?

How long it takes the US FDA to approve 510(k) submissions Download our 2017 report: HOW LONG IT TAKES TO GET FDA 510(k) CLEARANCE FDA 510(k) submissions cleared in 2016: 2,957 Average time to get a 510(k) cleared in 2016: 177 days 510(k) applications cleared within 3 months: 19% Average time to get radiology products cleared: 112 days

What are the 510 (k) clearances?

510 (k) Clearances 1 Overview. Section 510 (k) of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires device manufacturers who must register, to notify FDA of their intent to market a medical device at least ... 2 General Information. ... 3 Federal Register Notices 4 Older Clearances

What is traditional 510k submission?

Traditional 510k is the original submission that normally has to be provided by the medical devices which require the FDA clearance by 510k submission according to the regulation 21 CFR 807. It can also be used to submit if there is any change in the previous 510 (k) cleared device.

What is an FDA 510k file?

FDA 510k Clearance FDA 510k is a file containing sufficient information about a device to demonstrate that the medical device is at least as safe and effective, similar to that of the legally marketed device that is not subjected to PMA.

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