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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FDA adverse event reporting system?

FDA Adverse Event Reporting System supports the FDA's post-marketing safety surveillance program for all marketed drug and therapeutic biologic products. It contains adverse event reports FDA has received from manufacturers as required by regulation along with reports received directly from consumers and healthcare professionals.

How should healthcare professionals within a user facility report adverse events?

Healthcare professionals within a user facility should familiarize themselves with their institution's procedures for reporting adverse events to the FDA. The FDA’s "Medical Device Reporting for User Facilities" guidance document provides additional information. Manufacturer. FDA only if manufacturer unknown

Can I link manufacturer unknown complaint files to MDR event files?

FDA only if manufacturer unknown Complaint files are linked to MDR event files because a complaint must be evaluated to determine if it is a reportable adverse event.

What is the purpose of the FDA 510 (k) review process?

To better identify 510 (k) transfers of ownership. To determine factors affecting total review time and the number of review cycles. To provide greater clarity regarding the factors FDA considers when making benefit-risk determinations during the pre-market review process. To assure identification and resolution of pre-market review issues.

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