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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a gas setting on the 50 AE?

There are currently 2 settings, one for hot ammo and one for regular loads, and it is my understanding that a fully adjustable gas system is in the development stages. Some of the .50 AE ammo on the market creates much more pressure than other brands and this has made it necessary to bleed off a little gas to prevent damage to the firearm.

How powerful is a 44 Mag compared to a 50 AE?

Measured in muzzle energy, the 50 AE is more powerful than the 44 mag. That is unless you are talking about a round by buffalo bore that is a 44 mag+p+. I can't imagine that the extra pressure as a steady diet would be good for any pistol though.50 AS is measured around 1500 ft pounds of energy. 54 mag, normal loading is around 1100 ft pounds.

What is the 50 AE cartridge?

Chuck Hawks shares information about the .50 AE cartridge. The .50 Action Express (AE) By Chuck Hawks Evan Whildin, Vice President of Action Arms, Ltd., designed the .50 AE in 1988. It was intended for use in the huge Israeli Military Industries (IMI) / Magnum Research Desert Eagle pistol.

What is the maximum chamber pressure for a 50 AE?

SAAMI specifies a maximum chamber pressure of 36,000 psi (248 MPa) for the .50 AE. Available factory loads can produce nearly 1,800 ft·lbf (2440 J) of muzzle energy.

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