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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the AR-50A1 so special?

The AR-50A1 is a highly refined rifle which is a stark and refreshing difference that maintains its superiority over the competition. The buttstock is removable, allowing for increased portability when traveling.

What is epocast 50-a1 resin?

Huntsman ’s Epocast 50-A1 Epoxy Laminating Resin is an unfilled epoxy laminating system that is self-extinguishing, free of solvents, and easy to use. This resin is available with Hardener 946, or Hardener 9816 for a longer work-life time. Hardener 9816 is qualified to Boeing BMS 8-201, Type III / Embraer MEP 22-011.

What is a 50bmg AR-50?

This rifle is the newest incarnation of the wildly popular AR-50™ chambered for the powerful .50BMG cartridge – a single-shot, bolt-action rifle featuring a unique octagonal receiver bedded down into a V-shaped stock.

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