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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 4WD Van?

The addition of a 4WD system can transform a van from a family runabout or package hauler to an all-terrain escape pod. The best 4×4 vans bring a whole other level of capability to the vans already cavernous storage capacity. For years, 4WD vans have been taking people to some amazing places around the globe.

What is a Toyota Van?

Sold globally (and called the Townace/Liteace overseas), the Toyota Van featured car-like unibody construction, a solid rear axle with leaf springs, and independent front suspension with torsion bars. They could be had as a passenger van or as a cargo van without windows. The Toyota Vans are known to run forever.

Should you travel in a van or 4WD?

The landscapes, wildlife and people in the country – though sometimes few and far between – are an easy trade-off for the comforts of a van. Half the fun of travelling in a 4WD is getting to where you’re going!

Are VW vans AWD?

For over 60 years, VW vans have been used as campers and travel rigs. It wasn’t until the Vanagon Syncro debuted that it got AWD capability. Vanagon Syncros were offered in the U.S. from 1986–1991. These German-built vans had a 2.1-liter water-cooled flat “boxer” four-cylinder engine making 92 HP and driving all four wheels.

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