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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the early church history?

In early church history it is possible not just to see the apostolic or non-apostolic origin of doctrines, it's also possible to see the fruit of new doctrines as they arrived on the scene. First Century: A.D. 1 – 100 10 to 3 B.C.: Jesus is born in Bethlehem.

What was the first Christian state in the 3rd century?

3rd Century. At beginning of century, Edessa (Urfa in modern Turkey) becomes first Christian state. • Emperor Septimus Severus (202-211) persecutes; forbids conversion to Christianity.

How did the early church change over time?

The early church grew larger and more organized during this period. During times of peace, they brought in a large number of members, not all of whom were fully active or committed, like the smaller, 2nd century churches were.

What are the best early Christian writings about the Trinity?

His Apology is a terrific description of the early church as it entered the 3rd century. His Against Praxeas is the most thorough description of the Trinity in the early Christian writings, and he's the first to use the term Trinity.

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