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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ricoh Theta Z1 the best 360 camera around?

While the Z1's attributes are enough to make it one of the best 360 cameras around, the cost premium will be a bit too much for most consumers. The Ricoh Theta Z1 looks essentially like a larger version of the company's older 360 camera, as well as most other 360 cameras, such as our favorite, the Insta360 One X2.

What is a stereoscopic 360 video camera?

A stereoscopic 360 video camera captures images and videos with two lenses. In addition to shooting 360-degree views, this arrangement also creates 3D videos. Some 360-degree cameras are add-on accessories for smartphones and connect to their charging ports to draw power. They also depend on their host devices to process captured spherical videos.

What is a consumer 360 video camera?

In contrast, a consumer 360 video camera is a compact unit for beginners, casual users, and amateur videographers. Capture your cherished moments in beautiful spherical videos shot with 360 video cameras.

How to choose the right 360 spherical camera for You?

FPS measures video smoothness. For smooth playback, choose a unit that can shoot HD and 4K videos at 30fps or higher. The internal storage capacity of a 360 spherical camera determines the number of 360-degree photos and videos it can save in its memory.

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