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Frequently Asked Questions

How to record 360 videos on VRChat?

You just click on a button, and the system takes a 360 panorama for you. There are no easy tools to record 360 videos inside VRChat, but one of the best content creators there, Voxelkei , has made some special avatars that you can use to record 360 videos or even 180 VR videos of what you are doing on the platform.

How do 360-degree video cameras work?

Today, creators reach to 360-degree video cameras to gets shots they can't get with a single-lens model. Software pulls out, warps, and reframes dual-lens footage so it can cut right in with 16:9 footage.

How does the 360 video booth work?

Guests can cut a rug, pose, or be creative as they want while our 360 Booth captures every frame from a rotating 360 degree angle and creates a high resolution video or GIF for guests to share instantly. Let our 360 Video Booth capture every move that is busted and pose that is struck at your event!

Which 360 camera should you buy for VR?

The waterproof Insta360 One R supports swappable lens modules. You can set it up as a dual-lens 360-degree camera, complete with a color LCD to help you get the camera position set properly. The Vuze XR sports a convertible design. With its lenses folded out it shoots 180-degree footage in 3D, for viewing in VR goggles.

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