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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 360360 spin Cam?

360 Spin Cam makes your guests look great. We bring the best lighting and the right cameras to ensure your guests look stunning. After your event you will get an online gallery that you can post to social to extend the reach of the event. Every pixel of your videos will be fully customizable with the 360 Video Experience.

What is a spinner 360° 35mm camera?

In a split second the camera spins 360° around its own axis and records everything that’s around you on a frame more than 4 times longer than a conventional landscape picture. Go beyond the confines of standard panoramic landscapes and capture everything around you in one 360-degree photo with the Lomography Spinner 360° 35mm camera.

What is 360360º product photography for everyone ™?

360º PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY FOR EVERYONE ™ With a push of a button of any smartphone or professional camera, capture, edit, share and embed 360° photo of any product to your online store or website.

How does the 360 video booth work?

Guests can cut a rug, pose, or be creative as they want while our 360 Booth captures every frame from a rotating 360 degree angle and creates a high resolution video or GIF for guests to share instantly. Let our 360 Video Booth capture every move that is busted and pose that is struck at your event!

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