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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is 336 area code located?

The 336 area code corresponds to telephone numbers located in North Carolina. This means that if you want to make a call to a telephone number from North Carolina region or a call is received from this area, the phone number would have the prefix 336.

Where is area code 336 in North Carolina?

The 336 Area Code is located in the state of North Carolina. Area Code 336 is one of the 269 three-digit telephone area codes in the USA. It covers roughly 7,636,000 unique phone numbers and 1,481,680 individuals near the cities of Greensboro, Winston Salem, and Burlington.

What time zone is area code?

Area Code and Time Zone Chart Time Zones: A – Atlantic, AK – Alaska, C – Central, E – Eastern, HI – Hawaii, M – Mountain, NF – Newfoundland, P - Pacific AC Region TZ 201 NJ E 202 DC E 203 CT E 204 MB C 205 AL C 206 WA P 207 ME E 208 ID M 209 CA P 210 TX C 212 NY E 213 CA P

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