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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better BMW N54 or BMW N55?

The N54 is more tuner-friendly. BMW’s N54 twin-turbocharged engine really comes to life when modified; I do not intend to suggest the N55 is anything but impressive when modified. The N54’s twin turbo design simply moves more air and does so more efficiently. Mod for mod the N54 will outperform the N55.

What year did the BMW 335i come out with N54?

2007 marked the introduction of the 335i model which was the first BMW to feature the N54 engine. As the earliest model year the 2007 335i generally suffered the most issues of all 335i’s early on.

What is the difference between a 335i and 335is?

This was a "premium" version of the 335i and came with a DCT instead of the standard auto on the N54 335i. It's also only available in the E92 coupe, and E93 convertible body styles. Unlike the standard 335i of the same years, the 335is uses the older N54 engine.

What is the best 335i for tuning?

If you’re buying a 335i for tuning and modding above all else then the N54 is likely your best bet. The N55 EWG models come in second, and N55 PWG models are generally the least capable. Alright – it’s time to move on now that we got some of the background information out of the way.

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