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Frequently Asked Questions

How much more power does the N54 add to a 335i?

If this were a standard 335i in RWD form, we’d expect to be making about 10% more power/torque straight out of the box with the stock N54, somewhere in the realm of 265whp/300wtq. After getting our baseline numbers, we were ready to begin installing our FBO N54 kit by following our 500hp article to the letter.

Is a 335i a better car than an M4?

Not to say that a 335i is a better car overall, but if you pulled up to an M3/M4 at a stop light, you’d keep up just fine. Our main goal for project 335xi was to show N54 owners what’s possible in terms of power and performance without making major modifications or investing a huge amount of money.

Where can I find the p65 warning for the 335i performance package?

For more information go to Tags: bmw 335i performance package, tuning package, 335i mods, parts, and accessories.

What kind of engine does a 335xi have?

Our project car started out as an 09 E92 335xi with 62k miles, equipped with the infamous N54 engine and BMW’s AWD xDrive system. Straight off the dealership lot this 335xi came in 100% stock form. All of the original equipment was in place and from the look of it, no modifications were ever installed on this particular 335xi.

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