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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specs of a 3 Series 335i?

BMW E90 3 Series 335i Specs BMW E90 3 Series 335i Size, Dimensions, ... BMW E90 3 Series 335i Size, Dimensions, ... Num. of Doors : 4 Wheelbase : 276 cm or 108.66 inches Length : 452 cm or 177.95 inches Width : 182 cm or 71.65 inches 11 more rows ...

What size engine does a BMW E90 3 Series 335i have?

The BMW E90 3 Series 335i has a Inline 6, Petrol engine with 2979 cm3 / 181.8 cu-in capacity. How many horsepower (hp) does a 2006 BMW E90 3 Series 335i have?

Is the 335i faster than the current 335i?

I find it alarming how this 10 year old 335i puts out the same hp as the current 335i. It's even faster from 0-200kph. In a world where 10 years sees supercars go from 480hp to 660hp, hot hatches go from 200hp to 375hp, the 3 series has gotten bigger but with no bigger engine.

What kind of brakes does a BMW 335i have?

For stopping power, the E90 3 Series 335i braking system includes Vented Discs at the front and Vented Discs at the rear. The E90 3 Series model is a car manufactured by BMW, sold new from year 2006 until 2013, and available after that as a used car.

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