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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BMW 335i a good car?

With a turbocharged twin-cam six-cylinder, yes the BMW 335i is a great car! The key is to drive the car with an amount of mechanical sympathy, and get it serviced on the dot so it stays a picture of reliability. These are complex luxury cars so don't go in thinking you'll never spend a dollar on it, but they're well-made fast and fun cars.

What year BMW 335i should you buy?

With early 335 production year models, starting 2007, there are most likely some bugs with those early years which are fixed in the following model years so, for ease of mind, get the 2009 model and do a service history check to see if the HPFP was replaced and if the VANOS recall was done by the previous owner. Other than that, enjoy the ride.

Is the 328i faster than the 335i?

Uh oh... that means the 328i is just as fast as the 335i. Mike, now that you mention it I think my crappy old E26 might be faster than both variations of E90. I'll need GPS to be verify accuracy, but I know it's good for an indicated 155mph.

What is the life expectancy for a BMW 335i?

and the water pump was redesigned. 60 to 90k is and average life . It's odds, and your tolerance to those, coupled with an ever increasing likelihood of a failure as the miles creep up.

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