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Frequently Asked Questions

What city has the 331 area code?

More About Area Code 331. Area code 331 was first put in service October 7, 2007. Currently, the largest city it serves is Aurora, IL, and it overlaps coverage areas with area code 630.

How do you find area code? provides an area code locator that helps you locate which areas are served by an area code. If you don't know the area code, try the area code lookup or area code search by state. Find out the cities served, time zones, info about mergers, and info about new area codes.

What is my area codes?

What Is My Area Code. area code. A telephone numbering plan is a type of numbering scheme used in telecommunications to allocate telephone numbers to subscribers and to route telephone calls in a telephone network. A closed numbering plan, such as found in North America, imposes a fixed total length to numbers.

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