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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the 330 area code located?

Area codes 234 and 330 are North American telephone area codes for part of northeast Ohio, United States. Area code 330 was established on March 9, 1996, and was Ohio's first new area code since the North American Numbering Plan started in 1947.

What time zone is 330 in?

Located in the Eastern time zone, area code 330 is on the same time as New York, NY. Area code 330 was brought into effect on March 9, 1996.

Where is area code 330 in Ohio?

Area code 330. The 330 area code belongs to the state of Ohio (OH) and some of the locations covered are Akron, Youngstown and more:

What time zone is area code 325?

Area code 325 is found in the US state of Texas. Primarily servicing the city of Abilene (population: 125854), area code 325 covers 29 counties of Texas. Located in the Central time zone, area code 325 is on the same time as Chicago, IL.

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