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Frequently Asked Questions

Is groin pain a sign of pregnancy?

Groin pain is common during pregnancy, and it often becomes more intense as the pregnancy progresses. Ligament pain and vaginal issues are common causes of groin pain during pregnancy. Groin pain is not an emergency, and it does not usually indicate a problem with the pregnancy. However, it is important to mention all pregnancy symptoms ...

What causes cramps at 33 weeks pregnant?

If you are 33 weeks pregnant, cramping can be caused by the following reasons. 1. Ligament Pain Mild cramping you experience during the third trimester is usually the result of ligament stretching.

Is pelvic pressure normal at 33 weeks pregnant?

A pregnancy lasts between 37 and 42 weeks, so at 33 weeks, the end is near and the pelvic pressure more intense. In most cases, pelvic pressure is not serious. Nevertheless, women should report any symptoms to a doctor or midwife immediately, because rarely, it can indicate an emergency. Pelvic pressure can be a sign of early labor.

What do contractions feel like at 33 weeks pregnant?

Many women experience these contractions in the 33 rd week of pregnancy. These contractions sometimes feel like menstrual-like cramping, but they can be painless too. Start walking for a short time to see if cramping stops or persists. Real labor contractions will not stop with movement and usually have a set pattern and timing.

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