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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have baby at 33 weeks?

Keep your baby safe from infection. As mentioned, babies born at 33 weeks are at a higher risk of developing an infection than those who are born when they are due. To reduce the risk of this, you can: Avoid exposing your child to individuals who are sick with cold flu.

Can you give birth at 33 weeks?

While not all births at 33 weeks can be avoided, some can. Follow your health care provider’s advice for your situation. Stay hydrated and get the rest your body needs.

What is my Baby doing at 33 weeks pregnant?

At 33 weeks, you are well into your third trimester of pregnancy. The baby's eyelids now open at times. By this stage of pregnancy, your baby has grown large enough to cause you some serious aches and pains. A splint can help this temporary condition. Some can breathe and feed on their own, but others need supplemental oxygen and a feeding tube.

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