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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight of a 33 week fetus?

Once your pregnancy reaches week 33, your baby can weigh anywhere from four and a half pounds to five pounds, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Every pregnancy is different and each baby grows differently so your baby can weigh more or less than the average 33-week-old fetus.

What should you measure at 33 weeks pregnant?

Your baby will be approximately 19-22 inches. This is the largest that your belly will ever grow during pregnancy. It will feel crowded but you won't put on too much weight from now. It will appear large and curvy.

What is my Baby doing at 33 weeks pregnant?

At 33 weeks, you are well into your third trimester of pregnancy. The baby's eyelids now open at times. By this stage of pregnancy, your baby has grown large enough to cause you some serious aches and pains. A splint can help this temporary condition. Some can breathe and feed on their own, but others need supplemental oxygen and a feeding tube.

Is it safe to deliver at 33 weeks pregnant?

Risks of Delivering a Baby at 33 Weeks. Along with the risks noted above relating to the babies’ undeveloped respiratory system, babies born at 33 weeks also have undeveloped brains. This means that if a baby is born at this time, there is a greater risk of them developing behavioral and/or learning difficulties.

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