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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a 32 caliber rifle look like?

5 hours ago This half-stocked . 32 caliber is authentic in look and feel. Featuring brass inlays, percussion lock and octagonal barrel, this gun is perfect for at the range or in the field. The Crockett Rifle has a 32 " blued barrel and has an overall weight of 6.75 lbs. Its' overall length is 49" and is available in percussion only.

What kind of rifle is the Kentucky 32?

The bottom rifle is the .32 caliber Kentucky from Davide Pedersoli & Co., which is offered in choice of percussion or flintlock ignition. (This model is also offered in .45 and .50 caliber as well.) Pedersoli also offers their Frontier Rifle in .32 and .36 caliber - with choice of flint or percussion ignition.

What is a squirrel rifle?

For lack of a better name, I call them Squirrel rifles. The originals I have seen are typically slender, graceful, long barreled rifles ideal for off hand shooting. The example shown here is pretty typical as far as lines, barrel length, and overall size go.

What is a Dixie deluxe Cub rifle?

Dixie Gun Works likewise offers the Pedersoli built Dixie Deluxe Cub Rifle in .32 and .36 caliber - also with choice of flint or percussion ignition. I'm now doing the majority of my small-bore muzzleloading with the tube-sighted short full-stocked .31 caliber rifle shown above.

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