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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy 32 ACP Pistol ammo?

The Sportsman's Guide is your one-stop-shop for .32 ACP Pistol Ammo. We carry a variety and brands and bullet grains to ensure that you find exactly what you are looking for. Browse our selection of brands including Magtech .32 ACP Ammo, Fiocchi .32 ACP Ammo, Federal .32 ACP Ammo and more.

Is 32 caliber ammo good for self defense?

The .32 caliber cartridges run a wide range of power and energy, from practically useless to crackerjack small-game cartridge. With the help of Buffalo Bore ammunition, some creep into the self-defense range. Let’s look at each in turn.

Is 32 caliber ammo interchangeable with 32 Smith and Wesson cartridges?

Be careful if you purchase a nice old Colt in this caliber, because ammunition is not available, save on the collector market. It IS NOT interchangeable with.32 Smith and Wesson revolver cartridges. If fired in a.32 Smith and Wesson Long chamber, the.32 Colt will split the cartridge case..32 Smith and Wesson Long (.32 Colt New Police)

Is a 32 ACP revolver the same as a 38 Special?

These revolvers are the same size as .38 Special revolvers. The Colt SAA in .32-20 is a classic that is a joy to use and fire. The .32 ACP is a big step up from the small .32 revolver cartridges. Introduced in 1899 for the Browning 1900 self-loading pistol, the .32 ACP jolts a 71-grain FMJ bullet to 900 to 1000 fps. Penetration is decent.

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