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Frequently Asked Questions

What are 2XU light speed compression tights?

2XU’s flagship running compression tights are called ‘Light Speed’ (renamed in 2021 from ‘MCS Run’), which are featured in this 2XU compression tights review. Both Alastair and I are wearing them in the photos and video review here – he is obviously wearing the men’s version, and I have the women’s-specific version.

How are 2XU tights different from the competition?

Where these tights differ from the competition is in 2XU’s exclusive Muscle Containment Stamping. This is a web-like system of silicone on the inside of the fabric that wraps over key muscle, tendon and fascia groups including the quads and the calves.

What is 2XU PWX compression fabric?

2XU’s proprietary compression fabric (‘PWX’ – or power, weight, flex), is scientifically engineered to be the world’s lightest, most powerful and most flexible compression, and they’re known for making premium compression running tights and workout leggings. Intrigued?

What are the best running tights for cold weather?

The tried-and-tested PWX fabric provides graduated compression that’s designed to promote good circulation. 2XU says this helps increase the efficiency of warm-ups – a factor we’ll gladly take during frosty winter runs. The fabric also has the faster-recovery properties associated with compression wear, making the tights a dual-purpose option.

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