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Frequently Asked Questions

When will 21h2 release?

Windows 10’s November 2021 Update was released on November 16, 2021. Also known as 21H2, this update debuted after Windows 11 was released. It was originally supposed to be a bigger update, but many of its features were added to Windows 11 instead.

Should I install Windows 21h2?

Bottom line: 21H2 is out, but don’t install it immediately. Rather, use it as a sign that you should be evaluating what feature release you are currently on and how many months you have before it falls out of support. There’ll be time to get 21H2 later.

Should I upgrade to 21h2?

For mass deployment, use SCCM to upgrade to Windows 10 21H2. Furthermore, this method should be used only if you want to immediately upgrade to 21H2. Otherwise, the Windows 10 21H2 update should be installed via Microsoft update.

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