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Frequently Asked Questions

When to file W4?

You're asked to fill out a Form W-4 whenever you first start a new job, and you can also submit a new W-4 at any time during the course of your employment if you want to change your withholding allowances. These allowances adjust the portion of your income that's subject to federal income tax.

How many dependents can you claim on W4?

You have zero dependents and only one job, so ideally the total number of allowances you’re claiming would be two. On your W-4 form, you would write a “1” beside line A and a “1” next to line D under the Personal Allowances Worksheet. You could choose to claim zero tax allowances.

Where do I send W4?

Upon completion, I-9 and W-4 forms should be sent to the Payroll Office at Box 355655. However, you should check with your organizational unit to see if there are any additional steps within your unit. Federal law requires that employers complete the I-9 within the first three business days of employment.

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