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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest federal tax rate?

The Federal Income Tax consists of seven marginal tax brackets, ranging from a low of 10% to a high of 39.6%. This page explains how these tax brackets work, and includes a Federal income tax calculator for estimating your tax liability.

How much is my standard deduction?

The standard deduction is a specific dollar amount that reduces your taxable income. In 2020 the standard deduction is $12,400 for single filers and married filing separately, $24,800 for married filing jointly and $18,650 for head of household.

What is the federal income tax table?

A tax table is a chart that displays the amount of tax due based on income received . The tax rate in the table may be shown as a discrete amount, a percentage rate, or a combination of both. Tax tables are used by individuals, companies, and estates for both standard income and capital gains.

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