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Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate Federal withholding biweekly?

To determine the amount of wages subject to federal tax, you must first add any taxable fringe benefits and taxable employer-paid deductions to your gross pay amount. You can then subtract $151.90 from the total biweekly taxable gross pay for each withholding allowance claimed.

What is FICA withholding?

The Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) is a federal law that requires employers to withhold three different types of employment taxes from their employees’ paychecks. These taxes include 12.4 percent of compensation in Social Security taxes, 2.9 percent of salary in Medicare taxes, totaling 15.3 percent of each paycheck.

How much federal tax is taken out of my paycheck?

The percentage of federal income tax taken out of taxable wages starts at zero and increases in a series of steps called tax brackets to a maximum of 39.6 percent. Suppose you are single, claim two withholding allowances and make $800 per week. Your taxable pay equals $646.16. Tax on the first $44 is zero.

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