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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average attendance at an MLB game?

MLB Attendance Report - 2019 2019 Attendance 2019 Attendance Home Home Home RK TEAM GMS TOTAL AVG 1 LA Dodgers 81 3,974,309 49,065 2 St. Louis 81 3,480,393 42,967 3 NY Yankees 79 3,304,404 41,827 26 more rows ...

What is the difference between Conference and independent attendance?

CONFERENCE ATTENDANCE Conference attendance includes home games and neutral site contests between two teams in the same conference or neu- tral site games against non-NCAA teams. Independents total includes home game totals and neutral site games between two independent teams. No. Conference Total TeamsGames 2019 Attend.

How are single-admission doubleheader attendance totals counted?

All single-admission doubleheaders are counted only once in the attendance total and a zero is used for the other game of the doubleheader. The attendance is based on reported seasonal totals.

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