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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the attendance ranking calculated?

Attendance is based on the average per game over the last five seasons, followed up by % capacity, followed by last year’s ranking.

What happened to attendance in the American League in 2019?

WEEKLY AV. The league experienced a rise in total attendance thanks to the addition of FC Cincinnati, but 2019 saw a 3 percent decline from 2018 on a per-match average.

What is the difference between Conference and independent attendance?

CONFERENCE ATTENDANCE Conference attendance includes home games and neutral site contests between two teams in the same conference or neu- tral site games against non-NCAA teams. Independents total includes home game totals and neutral site games between two independent teams. No. Conference Total TeamsGames 2019 Attend.

How many people went to the PNE Fair in 2019?

The PNE Fair saw a stabilized attendance figure for its 109th annual event in 2019, marking the highest attendance in five years. In a release, Fair officials say the Fair saw 731,708 attendees through its 15-day long event — up from 705,381 in 2018 and 722,466 in 2017. It was the largest number since 2014 when the Fair experienced 769,242 guests.

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