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Frequently Asked Questions

What states are served by the 201 area code?

Well, 201 area code is a three-digit telephone code for the state of New Jersey which is located on the East Coast in the United States and borders with New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Are there any scams associated with the 201 area code?

Most of the scams reported under area code 201 include Insurance scams, IRS scams and generally spamming. Most common area code 201 scams include Robocalls, Insurance Scams and IRS Scams. Insurance scammers usually call with an intention to verify your identity and then lure you into some kind of insurance fraud.

What is the purpose of the 201 area code?

New Jersey is one of US phone number with a 201 area code is very useful for international or long-distance companies to participate in this booming economy. Your business can connect with local clients and customers, and gain sales from yet another state.

What are the most populous cities in the 201 area code?

The most populous cities in area code 201 are: Hackensack, Jersey City, Newark, Union City, and Ramsey.

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