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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a generator need a transfer switch?

A transfer switch is the key to safe and convenient operation of portable generators for standby power. By isolating those circuits using generator power, a transfer switch eliminates the risk of back-feeding the electrical utility which can cause injury to workers and property damage.

What is 200 amp electrical service?

A 200 amp meter service is the most common type of electrical service found in residential homes. Wiring the electrical service is an intricate project and a licensed electrician is the most qualified person to perform the installation. However, in some areas homeowners have the option to wire their own electrical service.

What is an automatic transfer switch?

An automatic transfer switch works independently and is an intelligent power switching device governed by the control logic. The primary purpose of an automatic transfer is to perform continuous delivery of power. It functions from either of the two sources to a connected load circuit.

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