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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the first Subaru made?

The first Subaru prototype was displayed in 1954, and it would become the 1955 Subaru 1500. This conventional four-door sedan was the first Japanese car to be built with unit-body construction, and although it featured a 1,485cc water-cooled four-cylinder engine, it was never widely marketed due to a lack of funding and sales network.

What is the history of the Subaru 360?

The 360 was imported to the United States by Malcolm Bricklin before he later manufactured his own cars. The Subaru 360 received notoriety in 1969, when Consumer Reports magazine branded the automobile "Not Acceptable" because of safety concerns and lack of power.

Was the Subaru 360 the first Japanese K-class car in America?

The Subaru 360 wasn't the only Japanese K-class-type car to come to the United States in the late 1960s.

What kind of cars did Subaru make in 2000?

2000s 1 Subaru Baja (2003–2006) 2 Subaru R2 (2003–2010) 3 Subaru R1 (2005–2010) 4 Subaru Tribeca (2005–2014) 5 Subaru Trezia (2005–2017) 6 Subaru Exiga (2008–2018)

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