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Frequently Asked Questions

What music were people listening to in the 1960s?

Classical music was still very popular. Blues, swing and jazz were easily accessible. It was truly the convergence of the future and the past because the Sixties changed everything permanently.

What are some popular songs from the 1960s?

"The Twist" by Chubby Checker was the most popular song of the 1960's , according to Billboard Magaizine's Hot 100 charts, followed by The Beatles "Hey Jude".

What types of music were popular during the 1960s?

Major musical movements of the 1960s The British Invasion. You cannot recall the 1960s without mentioning the British Invasion. ... Folk and Protest Music. Throughout history mankind has been making and singing protest music and protest songs. ... Motown. ... Psychedelic music (mostly psychedelic rock) This genre found its roots in the US and the UK during the mid-1960s. ... Sunshine pop. ... Music festivals. ... More items...

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