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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of glasses did they wear in the 1960s?

196's Eyeglasses came in all shapes and sizes. While cat eye glasses and Combination Browline eyeglasses were very common there were many other shapes and styles. We have recently acquired a nice collection and are proud to present our latest selection of 1960's eyeglasses.

What are the different styles of vintage eyeglasses?

Some of the more popular styles were cat eye glasses, browline glasses, and horn rimmed glasses. Vintage eyeglasses display craftsmanship that is unknown in our age of cheap, disposable, mass produced eyeglasses. Retro glasses open up many exciting opportunities.

How much do classic 1960s spectacles cost?

Classic 1960s Gents Old-School Frame – Commodore £60.00 Black Shuron Ronsir ZYL Glasses – Taper side – small £100.00 Classic 1960s Industrial/Geezer Spectacles £50.00 Classic 1960/70s Old School/Geezer Spectacles £60.00 Tortoise on Gold Shuron Ronsir ZYL Glasses – taper side – medium £100.00

Where were cat eye glasses made in the 1960s?

Some of the popular manufacturers of 1960’s cat eye glasses were American Optical, Bausch and Lomb, Artcraft Optical, Shuron Optical, Selecta and Romco (Rochester Optical Company,) Many frames Made in France were simply stamped “Frame France” and these had some of the most radical styles jeweled.

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