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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Edsel Villager come out?

The Edsel Villager is a station wagon that was produced and sold by Edsel from 1958 to 1960. Like the two-door Roundup and premium Bermuda station wagons, the Villager was initially built on a 116 in wheelbase shared with Ford's station wagons, and, throughout its lifespan, shared Ford's wagons core body stampings.

How many Edsel Ranger models were there?

For 1959, Edsel included just 10 models across three ranges, and for 1960 the Corsair models were dropped, with just the Ranger and Villager series remaining.

When was the last year Edsel was made?

Production of the 1960 Edsel began on September 14, 1959. Introduction of the 1960 line was made on October 15, 1959. The last official day of Edsel assembly was November 19, 1959. Total Production for all 1960 models: 2,846.

Is there a real 1960 Edsel convertible?

With such a limited production run-time, the 1960 model included some of the rarest Edsel models of any year Counterfeit 1960 Edsel Convertibles do exist! By taking hood and rear deck sheet metal from a 1960 Edsel sedan and modifying a 1960 Ford Sunliner, you have an Edsel forgery.

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